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Final results of CEMACH competition 2014/2015

Final results of CEMACH competition 2014/2015

04. 06. 2015  Dear participants of CEMACH competition, CEMACH competition has successfully come to an…

Gallery: III.Cemach Ceremony

Gallery: III.Cemach Ceremony

14. 05. 2014  Gallery: III.Cemach Ceremony - photo by Michal Kaňok

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Cemach: creative competition in getting to know present-day Israel

CEMACH competition (cemach meaning a plant shoot, a key to knowledge in Hebrew) is a creative competition for students of Czech secondary schools and selected elementary schools which helps students get to know the present-day Israel. It is the only competition in the Czech Republic focused on getting to know the modern State of Israel.

The primary objective of the competition is to present contemporary Israel to students as a modern, successful and democratic state attractive for travel, business, education as well as cultural enrichment. Additionally, the contestants will gain skills useful for their further studies and life.

Individuals from selected elementary and secondary schools in the Czech Republic will take part in the project, in the course school term, they will develop their creative projects in one of two disciplines.

  • Literary competition
  • Art competition

 Why to take part in the competition?

  • KNOWLEDGE: you will learn about one of the key countries of the Near East region and about how a country, the size of which is comparable to that of the Czech Republic, can make a considerable contribution to the development of  human knowledge through supporting science and education.
  • INDEPENDENCE: you will improve your skills working independently with information sources in Czech and English languages.
  • COMMUNICATION: you will learn the basic practical skills needed for internet and media communication.
  • ENTERTAINMENT: competition winners will go for an exclusive trip to Israel during summer holidays.