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The objective of the competition is to introduce contemporary Israel to students as a country interesting for travelling, business, education and culture. Also competitors should obtain skills useful for further studies and for life (communication abilities, searching for information, professional presentations of their works).

Competitors with the best projects will be awarded with free sightseeing trip to Israel and other valuable prices.

Who can participate in the competition?

Students from the age of 15 to 22 years from Czech, Slovak, Hungarian and Polish schools can participate in the competition. For participation in one or more categories of the competition it is necessary to complete registration. You can find the application form on this website or you can receive it in selected schools during the CEMACH lectures.

Which discipline can you choose?

The competitive task is to create a project during the school year in the following disciplines: Art, Literature and Internet. Competitors can complete a project in more than one discipline, but they can win a prize only in one of them. The task is to create literary or graphic work or website related to actual modern Israel. Projects focused on the Second World War and on the history are not accepted. The project CEMACH should primary deliver information and curiosities about today’s education, science, tourism, economy, nature and culture of Israel

What is the form of competition categories?

The objective of the competition is not to keep down your creativity; if you decided to create your message about Israel like sci-fi story, text on the Wikipedia, 3D model of the interesting building or like an image of the present Israel, it is up to you. Nevertheless, for each category we created following manuals where you can find fundamental minimum for accepting your project to the competition.


Send the finished project HERE

The competitors can choose from following categories