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Literary discipline

Literary discipline

Are you good in your native language and do you like writing? Have you got original ideas and individual style? Participate in the literary discipline of CEMACH competition!

What will be your task?

You should write a literary work that is related to modern Israel. It can be a short academic text or prose. We recommend choosing essay or short story with any style.

What do you have to do to win?

Choose a theme that will interest you, think about narrower range of topics and until the end of February send the draft of your project to the discipline guarantor Vojtěch Sládek. A preliminary title and three or four sentences about the topic will be enough. If you don’t send your project, you will lose both helpful advice and points in final evaluation.


When you have your project finished, send it until the end of March using this form:

Application form Submit the project│ Contact the guarantee


What should the project be about?

CEMACH wants the competitors to get to know modern Israel better and how people live there. That is why your project must relate to modern Israel, not for example to Jewish history, WWII etc. Here we have some possible topics:

Adequate topics:


Inadequate topics:

Middle East conflict


How will the project be evaluated?

The literary projects will be rated according to following criteria:

1. Interesting topic, originality

A good theme is the basis of high quality text. The topic should be interesting enough and not very extensive, due to the limited length of essays. The discipline guarantor will be happy to help you especially at this stage. If you deal with your theme very originally, you will get extra points.

2. Language and stylistics

High quality language and good stylistics are highly evaluated. Grammar mistakes including incorrect punctuation, slapdash division into paragraphs and other offenses against text revision will make you lose points in final evaluation.

3. Using information resources

Every project should be based on quality information resources. You can find enough information about Israel on the Internet. We recommend you to use not only the Internet, but also journals, magazines or encyclopedias.

List of used sources should be an integral part of every work. It is given at the end and it is not counted to the total length.

4. Formal requirements

The finished project must meet the basic requirements such as title and name of the author. Because the literary discipline of CEMACH wants you to deepen your skills in working with text, which is limited by 2 500 – 5 000 characters without gaps. The works that will be shorter or longer will lose points.


Contact us

If you need help, visit our section with the instruction. In case that you don’t find the answer there, you can contact the discipline guarantor by this e-mail:


Vojtěch Sládek

Literary discipline guarantor