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Multimedia discipline

Do you like computers? Do you think that you can create a modern electronic artwork? Are you interested in exploring foreign countries? In that case, the CEMACH Internet Discipline is the right choice for you!

What has to be done?

Your task will be to create an electronic artwork related to modern Israel and his culture. You can make a website, a 3D model, a Wikipedia article, a program or any kind of electronic artwork. There are no boundries to your fantasy!

But I am not good with computers!

Never mind! The main goal of the competition is to learn something new. Every IT expert started just like you by sitting behind his coputer and slowly self-learning. If you’ve never done anything like this before, we recommend you to read our Tips & Tricks section. Making a website is not that complicated and it could be for free thanks to the possibility of using opensource and freehosting third grade domains.

What has to be done to win?

Decide what you would like to create, fill-in the application form and submit your internet project till the end of March 2017. We recommend you to inform the garant about your intentions and consult with him to gain valuable advice to enhance your project.

Application form Contact the guarantor

What the project should be about?

The purpose of CEMACH competition is to let teenagers discover current Israel and its everyday life, that is why the artworks subject must be related to modern Israel.

Topic suggestons:

  • Tourism
  • Science
  • Business
  • Education
  • Curiosities

Inappropriate topics:

  • The Golem
  • Holocaust
  • Middle East conflict


How will the project be evaluated ?


1. Interesting content and originality

The artwork corresponds to instruction and the genuine inputs are noticeable. The copy of Wikipedia content will get less points than 3D model of Solomon's Temple which took a week to create.

2. Linguistics and stylictics

Bad grammar and stylistics disadvantage you in the competition of equaly interesting but better elaborated works.

3. Sources

The project refers to valuable information sources. In the case of internet source, the website is trustworthy. When using other artwork as inspiration, the contestant mentions the original author´s contribution.

4. Technical processing and searchability

Website or grafic work is well processed; the structure is logical and easy to comprehend, the program or the artwork doesn‘t content any mistakes, the website is restable to crashdowns, etc. In the case of websites evaluation, sites with better position in browsers and sites which are frequently visited will be more appreciated (see the Tips & Trics section). The website with higher quality content but zero attendance will be worse graded than project which will reach sharing of a photo of modern Israel between thousands of Facebook users.

5. Copyright

Using a photo or a text on your website without the original author´s consent is plagiarism. Projects with unauthorised content will be banned from the competition. Luckily, you can work with our Photobank or Wikipedia or other sites which allowes you to use and adjust their content under certain conditions. Mostly, it is sufficient to mention the original author.

Cemach photobank


Contact us

Most of the answer are to find in our Tips & Trick section. If you cannot find your answer there, don´t hesitate to contact the garant directly. Use the email address below.


Mgr. Hana Kuželková

Internet Discipline Guarantor