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CEMACH launched with the beginning of the new school year

CEMACH launched with the beginning of the new school year

01. 09. 2011

For the high-school students, the new school year will start – among other things – with an invitation to join in a national competition called the CEMACH project. On September 1, directors of 1,989 high-schools all over the Czech Republic already received invitations for their students to participate in the competition which should introduce  the modern State of Israel to the Czech youth.

This project evolved through cooperation between the Czech Ministry of Education, Czech-Israeli Chamber of Commerce, Lidice Memorial and the Embassy of the State of Israel in the Czech Republic. It is held under the auspices of the Minister of Education Josef Dobes.

The reason to participate is to gain knowledge and communication skills, be able to work independently… but most importantly to have fun. Throughout the course of the competition, the students will get a chance to get to know present Israel as a modern, successful and democratic country attractive for travels, business, education and culture. The output product of the competition will be art works, websites or literary works that aim to introduce the State of Israel more closely to the public.


CEMACH competition consists of three disciplines students can choose from. They can either opt for aliterary piecework of art or internet presentation. In each discipline the competitors get to choose from several tasks with basic specifications and links to more information sources. That should encourage students to actively search for information both in the Czech Republic and in Israel.


Competition Time-frame:

Throughout autumn 2011, training will take place; in the first quarter of 2012 the students should be working on their projects.

Presentation of the projects and their evaluation is scheduled for the period between May and June 2012. The winner will get to go on a sightseeing and adventure trip to Israel during the summer holidays in 2012.

CEMACH project was officially launched on August 3, 2011 in the Rose Orchard of the Lidice Memorial by signing a Memorandum on cooperation between the Embassy of the State of Israel, Czech-Israeli Chamber of Commerce and the Lidice Memorial. The event was attended by Ambassador of the State of Israel in the Czech Republic, Yaakov Levy, who said following about the project: "Working with youth is a challenge. By signing of this Memorandum we are presented with a chance to join forces on the project with the Lidice Memorial and the Czech-Israeli Chamber of Commerce. Our common goal is to support and encourage Czech student to participate in this interesting competition and share in promoting tolerance of others and respect other cultures and religions."

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