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Suggested Topics

Suggested Topics


Below you will find INSPIRATIONAL themes for your projects. Inspirational because originality is expected with the topics, not only because you can achieve great prizes but also get an unforgettable experience in the form of a trip to Israel.

All subjects have the same core - the "new Israel":

●Tourism - the landscape around the Jordan river, Galilee Mountains Israeli cities, their
architecture, people and life in the city, the Israeli Antiquities (Masada - the ancient desert
fortress on top of a cliff on the eastern edge of the Judean Desert near
the Dead Sea, built by Herod the Great), museums, gastronomy...

●Culture - Inspiration from theatre, art, architecture, literature, dance,
fashion, design

●Science - The Braun Center for Submicron Research at the Weizmann Institute of Science

(top scientific institution)

●Education - Technion (Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, founded in
1924,in 2007, ranked 25th in the world ranking of the best
universities in the world)

●Business - Silicon Wadi (an area with a high concentration of high-tech industry on the coast
in the area around Tel Aviv, Haifa, Caesarea. .., like Silicon Valley California,
in USA)

More inspiring project topics below, or on the project wiki Israel website:


Literary discipline -inspiring themes:

  • Why does Israel have ten Nobel Prize winners and the Czechs only two? What is interesting about The Braun Center for Submicron Research at the Weizmann Institute of Science
  • What does basic Israel military service give and take from a young person? Would a basic military service such as in Israel help young Czech men and women to better manage life's challenges?
  • If I come to Israel on a student exchange visit what should my Israeli counterpart show me (landmarks, eg
  • landscape around the river Jordan, Galilee mountains, Masada, etc., nature, institutions, attractions...)? What would I show in Czech Republic?
  • Life in Israel. How I perceive Israel. What do like/dislike about life in Israel?
  • Israeli cuisine- how is our Czech cuisine different? What food / drink would you definitely like to try?
  • Education in Israel-Technion - Would I like to study at this university? What is special about it?
  • Business in Silicon Wadi. What makes it unique?
  • Culture in Israel - what role does theater, museum and gallery exhibitions play? What differences do I percieve between Israeli culture and Czech culture?
  • Music in Israel- what is the dominant music genre in Israel have and which one specifically interested me?
  • Israel and its spiritual side- how does religion mix in with everyday life?

Internet Discipline -inspiring themes:

  • Israeli monuments I'm interested in
  • compulsory military service in Israel
  • Israeli inventions and discoveries
  • Education in Israel - Technionl
  • Silicon Wadi vs online store
  • Israeli design and fashion. What is the difference compared to Czech fashion and design?
  • Exchanges visits between students in Israel, other interesting stays offers
  • architecture in Israel, suitable sites for future building
  • Israeli music, how can it compete with us in the Czech Republic?
  • Israeli gastronomy


Art Discipline -inspiring themes:

  • Inspiration from Israeli nature
  • Modern Israel - a developed country
  • Inspiration from Israeli theater,
  • Inspiration from Israeli visual arts
  • Inspiration from Israeli architecture
  • Inspiration from Israeli fashion
  • Inspiration from Israeli dance
  • Inspiration from Israeli music
  • Inspiration from Israeli design
  • Inspiration from Israeli Literature


Where to look for ideas?

Sources of information may include: the internet, literature, museums, contacts, addressing students at a school in Israel - an attempt of artistic collaboration, a communication attempt...

Universities in Israel

Caution: When you search for information, type "Israel" only in the Czech Republic and Hungary is it spelled "Israel ".


Adverse topics

Projects dealing with the Second World War and history (eg, the Golem, the Holocaust, the Middle East conflict) are not desirable.