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About Project

The CEMACH competition is a creative competition for students of Czech, Slovak, Hungarian and Polish secondary schools in getting to know the present-day Israel.

The primary objective of the competition is to present contemporary Israel to students as a country attractive for travel, business, education as well as cultural enrichment. Additionally, the contestants will gain skills useful for their further studies and life (such as: independence, communication skills, information search).

In the course of the school term, contestants will develop their creative projects in the following disciplines:

  • Literary discipline

  • VArt discipline

  • Internet discipline

The deadline for submitting the competitive projects via submit form is 15th of April 2018


1st place- 7x

The main prize of the competition is an exclusive trip to Israel, during summer holidays. You can see photos from previous winners trip to Israel in Previous seasons section.

2nd place - 3x


3rd place - 3x

Kindle reader 

4th place - 17x


Jury of the competition 


Guarantor of the art discipline

Lada Krupková Křesadlová

  • Art discipline


Lada Krupková Křesadlová studied photography at the Institute of Creative Photography, Silesian University in Opava (Department of Film, Television, Photography and New Media). At the beginning of her work she dealt with staged photos (Mirroring Cycles, Things),later, social-tuned documents (Window, Where They Live, Berlin) and portraits of celebrities and unknown people (Josef Suk, Sir Charles Mackerras, Ivo Kahánek...). Since 1992, she has worked as a lecturer in art workshops at the ST. Dominikus monastery /Roding-Strahlfeld / at Kunstschule Labyrinth / Ludwigsburg / and at the Collection of Oriental Art at the National Gallery in Prague. Since 1997 she has taught at Studio Joe in Roztoky, since 1998 the studio Ceramics and Spatial Design at Episcopal School of Music in Prague 1. In 2005 with George Krupka she started a graphics studio, collaborating with for example record label company Supraphon, a.s.,, the National Gallery in Prague (exhibitions and reproducing the Masters of Chinese Ink Paintings from the collections of the National Gallery in Prague, Waldstein Riding School, Prague 2008, The New Sensitivity of Czech Sculpture from the 60’s to the 80’s in the 20th century, the National Art Museum of China, Beijing 2010, Japanese-ism in the visual arts in the Republic Czech in 2011, Czech-Slovak Pavillion in Venice, Venice 2013).


Guarantor of the internet discipline

Giuliano Giannetti

  • Internet discipline



Giuliano Giannetti



Company: Web Service Company Ltd.Giuliano Giannetti is engaged in the design and production of both conventional websites and large portals or customized applications. He stands behind his modern hosting center, is an expert in optimizing websites for search engines, that is, SEO. He is known for his project which provides free basic tools for checking the technical quality of websites and their success within the Internet.